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DHİ Hair Transplant


DHI hair transplantation stands out as a subset of the FUE hair transplantation method, combining two methods. While the FUE method requires different applications such as opening of canals (incisions) and hair implantation, the DHI method allows both methods to be performed in a single application.


In the Sapphire FUE hair transplant technique, the canals (incisions) to be opened during hair transplantation are opened with sapphire tips. In this way, high-density hair transplantation can be achieved even in small volumes in the scalp, thanks to the micro-level channels into which the grafts are implanted.
Sapphire Fue

About Us

HAIRAVRASYA continues its activities in the field of plastic surgery such as hair, beard and eyebrow transplantation and includes patients coming mainly from Turkey and then from Europe and the USA to find a solution to their alopecia problem. HAIRAVRASYA, which was founded by Aykut SEYHAN, who is very successful in the field of hair transplantation and plastic surgery all over Turkey, works with the mentality of high quality and patient-oriented. Our clinic emphasizes the use of innovative technologies in the field of plastic surgery and medical esthetics and closely follows the worldwide trends in esthetic medicine. Realizing that esthetics is one of the most important needs in terms of individual awareness and self-confidence, HAIRAVRASYA focuses on the happiness of its patients with hair, beard and eyebrow transplant services. Our clinic, having the full confidence of its patients, continues to respond to the needs of its patients such as receding hairline, hair growth, in the most qualified manner. Accordingly, we continue to provide innovative hair transplant services. HAIRAVRASYA focuses on 100% efficiency with the latest technology hair transplant materials; with the expert staff, we promise our valued patients the best pricing options and service experience.


In addition to patient relations, we maintain the principle of transparency in the management of the company, the methods used and the technologies employed. Within the principle of transparency, we attach importance to the hygienic and health-related sensitivities of our patients. We manage the entire process according to the principle of transparency and therefore we make sure to clarify all the factors that our patients are curious about.


HAIRAVRASYA has always avoided adopting uniform, non-innovative methods in the management and technologies used. We work with an approach of versatility that embraces different technologies, trends and approaches, revealing a multi-disciplinary understanding.


We always follow the innovations in the plastic surgery industry, one of the most rapidly affected areas of technology and innovation. In particular, we focus on being the first to bring innovative hair transplant applications to the country. Similarly, we are closely monitoring the R & D activities in this field and are therefore pursuing a development-oriented strategy.

Patient – Centric

One of the issues that we as HAIRAVRASYA emphasize and value is the principle of patient centricity. Under the patient-centric principle, we focus on sustainable patient relationships and engage in dialog with all our patients in the most successful manner.

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