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DHI – Direct Hair Transplant

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Our patients, who have full confidence in our clinic, continue to respond with the highest quality, as in new hairline creation and hair extensions. In this direction, we continue to improve hair transplantation services.


As the hairavrasya family, we show the same sincerity and good-intentioned approach to those who choose us, before, during and after they come to our clinic.


With the experience we have gained over the past 10 years and on thousands of patients, we aim to make our next hair transplantation operation perfect and we are working in this direction.

4 Photos For Consultant

Only 4 photos are sufficient for free hair analysis. Send us your photo taken from the front, back and sides of your head via WhatsApp and we will do a medical analysis for you.

Committed To Hair Excellence

We Implant Natural and Realistic Hair

With more than 10 years of experience, I serve thousands of different patients and transplantation techniques in hair transplantation, aiming to be better than the previous operation in each operation.

Muhammet SEYHAN

Advantages of Planting with DHI Pen

A better solution than classical hair transplantation
Less Blooding

Since there is no open wound on the scalp, bleeding is almost minimal.

Fast Recovery

DHI performs one-step canalization and transplantation of hair follicles after hair follicles are removed , which has the advantage of a fast recovery time.

Less Scar

Another advantage of the DHI method is that only channels of desired width and density are opened during the surgery. In this way, damage and side effects that may occur after the DHI hair loss treatment process are completely eliminated.

High Density

One ​​of the most important advantages of DHI is that this method allows high-density hair transplantation. Accordingly, with the DHI method, hair follicles can be densely planted in a narrow area. So patients will no longer suffer from hair loss, but also high density hair they will have.

Some advantages of having hair, beard and eyebrow transplantation at HAIRAVRASYA


Over thousands patients.

Working Time

More than 10 years of work experience.

Direct Hair Implant

DHI – The latest and successful technique used in hair transplantation.

Patient Satisfaction

In all our procedures, we satisfy our patients by providing services in line with their wishes and needs.

Experienced Staff

Staff who are experts in their fields and whom we have been working with for a long time.

Hospital Environment

Our operations were performed in a hospital environment and a sterile area.

VIP Transfer & Hotel

Personalized VIP transportation and luxury hotels.

4.9 points in Google Review

We have a feedback rating of 4.9 points on Google from our patients whose operations have been performed.

Because we are the best hair transplantation center in Turkey.

Happy Patients

Comments left for us on Google by our patients who underwent hair transplantation and were satisfied with the results.
An unforgettable experience, they are professionals, they give confidence from the first moment, without a doubt I would return, in fact I have to return for the second operation. I advise everyone
David Melero Sánchez
Very nice job , all the guys did their best , after 6 months i have very good results , also they took the grafts from the donor area very carefully and evenly . The prise was a big discount in comparison to my country (greece) . The hospital was luxurius and all the personel i met was professional and very kind . I recomend this hospital to anyone that wants good results in good prise ... Thank you
They are professionals, very clean and polite. I am in the first month and we have perfect communication 24/7. I am sure that the final result will be perfect too. No problems at all. Good job guys!
Antonis Kalimeris
They provided a quality hair transplantation operation in a hygienic environment with a service that exceeded my expectations. It was nice to know that Hairavrasya was always with me before, during and after the transplant.
Muhammer Erzurum
All praise for the efficiency and expertise of the team as well as for the hospitality. Everything was on a big task, as it was agreed, they approach their work very professionally and confidently. With that said, I would recommend it to anyone and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
Mevludin Mamic

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