“Recovery time “ is one of the issue that people wonder about among who want to have hair transplant. In this article, we will share some information that we think is useful and we will produce a solution to your curiosity.

  • When can i go back to my work?
  • When can i return to my normal life?
  • When can i start to make phisical training?
  • How many days does healing process take?
  • When do the transplanted grafts regrow?
  • When do the scabs fall down after hair transplant?
  • When does noticeable difference occur?
  • When do my hair grow?
  • When can i use hat or cap?
  • When can i wash my receipent area?

A certain date can not be given as an answer to the questions above since the condition (healty or strong) of grafts  differentiates from person to another person. It is better to say an average date since the process after hair transplant change from one to another person.

We want to share the hair transplant and after hair transplant process with you. (Average duration).

  • Hair transplant takes about 5-8 hours on average.
  • Recovery process of donor area takes 2 weeks on average.
  • Scabs fall down 7-14 days after hair transplant.
  • You can return to your normal life 2-3 days after hair transplant.
  • You can return to your work 2-10 days after hair transplant depending on how hard your work is.
  • Most of the transplanted grafts fall down in first 2-2,5 months and then they start to regrow.
  • An obvious difference is noticable 5-6 months after hair transplant.
  • You can wash your head (especially receipent area) without touching by using something like glass with a warm water until scabs fall down. You can wash your head normal under the shower by rubbing after the scabs fall down which takes roughly 2 weeks after hair transplant.
  • You can use regular hat 20 days after hair transplant and woolen cap 2 months after hair transplant.

It gives advantage to reach final result faster to take care of your hair and your body according to instrcutions you are told after hair transplant. It is very important fort he grafts to readapt to the skin where they are transplanted . The care set including special products that we give you after hair transplant gives you advantage of healing faster and having more effective result in this re-adaption process.

We present a visual for you to have more information about hair transplant process.



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