Hair Services

It is usually the most permanent solution to the problem of hair loss in men. It is to extract appropriate hair follicles from patient's own hair (from the back side of head) and to implant to bald areas. During hair transplantation (using FUE method), the bald areas are covered with the patient's own hair follicles. There is no scar on the back side of the head (donor area).

Beard Services

Beard is often transformed into a man's way of expressing himself. Men also use beard as their accessories. The beard is not something that spills or becomes weaker as the hair grow older. In some cases, males may have shortages. Beards transplant is applied in men because of genetics, accidental beard loss, wound, burning, congenital beard shortage.

Eyebrow Services

Eyebrow transplant is done by FUE method. The hair follicles taken from the back side of head are implanted in the eyebrow area in a certain order and the procedure is completed. The hair follicles taken from donor area are immensely adapted to the missing eyebrows and gain a natural eyebrow appearance.

Mesotherapy Services

Mesotherapy is applied to the hair follicles of the patient who has been analyzed by mixing various medicines. Enables hair follicles to become stronger, helps hair to become brighter, more vibrant and more voluminous. After mesotherapy, it is observed that the thickness increase by 50% provides a hair follicle increase between 25% and 30%.

PRP Services

The purpose of PRP treatment is strengthening of the existing weak hair and to prevent hair loss. In the areas where PRP treatment is applied, it is observed that the hair strands become thicker and have healthier hairs. After hair transplantation, PRP treatment is applied to provide faster healing of the wound areas and also to grow the hair faster and healthier.

VIP Service

VIP vehicles are always used for the transfer for our guests.

Hair Transplant

As a result of the analysis, our expert team performs hair transplant.

24/7 Support

Continuous native language translation support before and after hair transplant.

Medical Bag

All the medicines needed after hair transplantation are in this bag.