PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma )

PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma )

PRP, one of the most innovative applications in the field of medical aesthetics, stands out as a plasma treatment using patient’s blood cells to fight against alopecia. PRP treatment is a very comprehensive and versatile application; besides wrinkles, pimples, scars, skin cracks, it is also used for hair transplant applications. In the context of PRP hair transplant, it is preferred as a medical aesthetic application which works with the principle of regeneration of tissues and strengthening of hair follicles. The process is based on the strengthening of the weakened hair strands and follicles. PRP hair transplant method, which has many advantages such as naturalness and follicles density for patients who want to have hair transplant, has recently been among the most preferred applications.

PRP Hair Transplant is applied to whom?

Primarily PRP is not a direct method of hair transplant. It is an application that aims to accelerate the results of hair transplant treatment and allows hair growth to be realized more effectively. Although the technique is based on the same principles as stem cell treatment, PRP hair transplant treatment which proceeds on different bases uses rich plasma which accelerates the hair growth thanks to platelet cells obtained from patient’s own blood cells. The plasma used has a healing effect on the hair follicles. Therefore, it is aimed to increase the hair densities in dilution places by a method similar to stem cell supplementation. Within the scope of the treatment, hair follicles are stimulated and it is aimed to re-hair the diluted follicles, previously shed hair and completely bald areas.


Another answer to the question of how to apply the PRP method is laser methods, radio frequency therapy, light therapies, mesotherapy therapy. One-to-one interviews with the patient are necessary to determine the correct application for the hair transplant method to be preferred. After the interviews, PRP method which is the most appropriate for the biological and physical characteristics of the patient can be preferred and the applications can be started. In order for PRP to continue successfully, it is an important factor to be integrated with the hair transplant process.

The Advantages of PRP Hair Transplant

Hair transplant assisted with PRP treatment has many advantages, but also it provides especially dermatological renewal of the scalp. It is aimed that the hair cells in the skin follicles grow rapidly and naturally. In addition, damaged or completely destroyed hair follicles are switched to biochemical activity at the level that will start hair growth by PRP supported hair transplant.

  • Organic and Natural Hair Growth

Since the stem cell application in line with the PRP treatment is carried out with blood cells taken from the person himself, hair growth is completely organic. This treatment, which allows the formation of completely natural hair structure during the application, gives very quick results in the short term. In the same way, organic hair growth provides an important advantage in terms of healthier and aesthetic appearance.

  • Fast and Effective Result

Another important advantage of PRP treatment is the guarantee of fast and effective results. Natural hair formation develops rapidly as a result of the rapid penetration of the skin during the treatment period. In addition, it has been observed that patients with high shedding and dilution and baldness problems are affected up to 100%.

  • Zero Allergic Reaction and Side Effects

Besides PRP does not have any surgical side effects, it does not cause allergic reactions to the scalp during or after the treatment. PRP, which is a very healthy method in this direction, increases the recovery rate after the hair transplant process as it is applied regularly and helps the patient to get higher efficiency from the treatment to get rid of his alopecia.

Hair Transplantation Cost with PRP Treatment

Within the scope of PRP prices, pricing options may vary depending on the quality of service and patient expectations. In this respect, it would be correct to say that different methods will bring different price policies for the patient. In addition, PRP prices may vary within the quality standards of the medical clinic applying the procedure. As HAIRAVRASYA, we take care to provide the most qualified and effective services to our patients. Another option that affects the price is the location. Accordingly, PRP Istanbul price options may take place in different price ranges compared to other cities.

Frequently Asked Questions About PRP Treatment

PRP process can be applied in different ways or as an option that responds to different needs. This process, which is not limited to hair transplantation but also responds to different needs, is a method that promises high efficiency for patients. Frequently asked questions of those who want to get information about the application and plan to have it can be listed as follows:

  • Is PRP Painful?

PRP procedure, which can be applied in different ways, is not a painful procedure. In addition, this treatment, which does not require detailed surgical intervention, can be performed with zero pain. In the same way, since it will be applied integrated with hair transplant, it would be correct to say that anesthesia effect of hair transplantation will be valid. Therefore, the patient will not feel any pain.

  • PRP can be applied to whom?

PRP hair treatment can be applied first of all to those who have reduced hair density, bald areas and alopecia. Follicle formation and strengthening of weakened hair follicles are targeted by this application which acts quite quickly in the short term. Besides, it would be right to say that it is a suitable option for those who need beard cultivation.

  • How Long Does PRP Treatment take place?

Although there is no time limit within the scope of PRP application, the time may vary according to the patient’s needs in general. The width of the region to be transplanted, the level of hair loss and stem cell type factors are also important in determining the duration of the procedure.

  • Is there anything I should consider after application?

After treatment, it is enough to pay attention to the hygienic criteria in general. After PRP, which is applied in addition to surgical methods, redness and similar symptoms can be observed as in hair transplant. However, these symptoms will disappear within 1 to 2 weeks.