After hair transplantation, the donor area is bandaged and the recipient area where the hair transplantation performed is left open. The donor area where the graft taken is checked by the doctor the bandage is removed on next day. Usually first washing process takes place 48 after hair transplantation.

Hair growth rate, which is different for everyone, can also increase by choosing products that provide care for the scalp. Scabs fall down in first 2 weeks; first 8 week is shock loss period related to this first 6 month is important for growing process of transplanted hair. Taking mesotherapy / prp treatment or using reliable hair care products will support the progress and shorten the regrowth time. Mesotherapy is oen of the best treatment after hair transplant since the required things are injected directly into your scalp.

Shampoo and hair care products that will not harm the skin and will benefit, usually consist of herbal formulas. A variety of products that prevent hair loss temporary and accelerate hair growth from well-known brands or recommended ones can be used.

Many products used after hair transplantation do not work miracles. However, it does not have as negative effects as chemicals in grocery products. Choosing herbal products instead of chemical products accelerates hair development and protects the scalp. This allows you to take better care of your hair after a hair transplant. Using products that prevent hair loss temporary will allow your newly transplanted hair to adapt more robustly to the skin.

Hair Care Products Used After Hair Transplantation

After hair transplantation, it is not appropriate to use the products you buy at the market. You should choose natural herbal products, which support hair growth. In this case, by completely changing your bathroom products, you can show your hair the attention it deserves.

Shampoos are preferred in your daily cleaning routine, while vitamins and serums show more uplifting effects. The form of a cure serum and vitamins can make the recipient area stronger. You can provide necessary care with mesotherapy treatment as well as vitamin capsules, hair serum and shampoos after hair transplantation.

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