The best and lasting method against hair loss seen in men and women is hair mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a treatment that can be applied to those who want to regain live and healthy hair by stopping alopecia due to hormone imbalance or different reasons, strengthening existing hair follicles and thickening of existing hair.

How is hair mesotherapy performed?

Hair analysis should be performed before starting hair mesotherapy. Person’s age, alopecia status (bald status), hair strands such as sensitivity are examined. According to the result, the medicines consisting of vitamins and minerals are prepared. This medicine is injected subcutaneously with fine-tipped needles. If the hair is much worn, hair mesotherapy can last up to several sessions.

Do you need hair mesotherapy?

The aim of the mesotherapy method is to apply the necessary vitamin minerals to the hair. Thus, it is aimed to eliminate hormone imbalance and to treat infections in the scalp. It is possible to have thick and strong hairs with the help of mesotherapy method which helps to regain the vitality of alopecia, weak and dull looking hair. Mesotherapy, which provides fast transfer of nutritional values for both scalp and hair, has an important effect on the protection and healthy hair growth.

Thanks to the mesotherapy method that accelerates the blood flow in the scalp, the hair stem cells are nourished and renewed in a healthy way. The main benefits of the mesotherapy method that can be used to support strong and healthy hair growth after hair transplant are as follows:

  • Minimizes intense hair loss from the first session. It is possible to completely eliminate the hair loss problem with the second and third sessions.
  • It provides you to have strong hair with vitamins and mineral supplements that provide thickening of strong hair. Thicker hair strands help to have fuller hair.
  • Providing the necessary vitamins and minerals for the hair, the life of the hair is prolonged and there are no problems such as baldness, alopecia, bald area, hair loss and rarity.
  • Mesotherapy, which stimulates hair follicles, promotes new hair growth. Hair stem cells are provided to renew themselves.
  • It is provided to eliminate the problems caused by dandruff which expresses some kind of fungus in the scalp. The scalp and hair return to their former health.
  • Since the vitamin deficiencies that cause the hair to be whitened (grey) early are eliminated, the color of the hair is preserved for a longer time and there is no whitening (grey hair) problem.
  • Mesotherapy, which reduces hair loss, eliminates the need for methods such as hair transplant. Existing hair is preserved and new hair growth is supported, the risk of alopecia is minimized.
  • After the hair regains its health, it gains a brighter and more vibrant appearance. It gets rid of its dim, weak and dull appearance. It becomes light and soft.
  • Mesotherapy is one of the ideal methods for women. Because of hair loss and alopecia, women are primarily not recommended for hair transplant. Instead, the mesotherapy method helps to protect the hair and to support the new hair growth.
  • It is possible to benefit from mesotherapy method for those who want to gain the volume and softness they need to have. There are no side effects of this method. An average session lasts for 30-40 minutes and can be resumed after the session.

In which cases can mesotherapy be applied?

There may be more than one cause of hair loss. There may be seasonal hair loss as well as genetic and stress-related hair loss. It is possible to benefit from mesotherapy method in all such cases. Mesotherapy can also be used for alopecia caused by ringworm, post-pregnancy loss, metabolic factors and losses due to other causes.