Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow care and beauty is one of the most sensitive points of women who take care of their personal care. Problems such as eyebrow loss and thinning, especially starting at an early age, bring some cosmetic concerns for women. In such cases, plastic surgery methods such as eyebrows transplant come to the fore in order to achieve a more aesthetic appearance on the eyebrows, which is one of the most important aesthetic concerns of women.

Elimination of thinning and loss of eyebrows, which are an important factor in facial contouring and facial aesthetics, is a very practical procedure. Eyebrow transplant is carried out through micro channels which will be opened by literal slit method without any surgical intervention. This method, which is one of the innovative plastic surgery applications, is both painless and fast.

How is eyebrows transplant done?

Before answering the question of how eyebrows transplant is done, it is useful to know that this operation differs from person to person. Before starting the operation, the intensity of eyebrow loss is examined. For an average person, 300-600 eyebrows roots can be implanted and very successful results can be obtained. However, this number will increase indirectly in people with more eyebrows loss. FUE method is used for eyebrows transplant. Although this method is also used in the hair transplant process, it is also called the process of forming natural hair follicles.

Considerations during Eyebrow Transplant Procedure

 Because it is a cosmetic plastic surgery operation, there are also criteria to be considered during eyebrow transplant operation. Topics to be considered are as follows:

  • One’s own aesthetic expectations

 Eyebrows transplant operation is performed by taking into consideration criteria such as eyebrow density and direction of eyebrow growth angles. In this respect, it will be beneficial for the patients to reflect their aesthetic expectations.

  • Applicable in Shaping Process Except Eyebrow Density

If you are satisfied with the density of your eyebrows, you can also have eyebrows transplant to change the shape of your eyebrows and to shape the eyebrows erect. In this respect, as we mentioned above, it is very important to state your aesthetic expectations.

  • Is there a risk of infection in eyebrow transplant?

Eyebrows transplant is performed by plastic surgery operation and it takes place in completely sterile and hygienic environments. When necessary precautions are taken, it would be correct to say that there is no risk of infection.

Other Things to Know About Eyebrows Transplant Operation

  • Eyebrows Transplant Methods

Different methods can be applied in eyebrows transplantation operation according to the needs of the person. Especially FUT and FUE techniques are one of the most preferred methods within the scope of plastic surgery methods. The FUE technique is based on harvesting of hair follicles one by one. In the FUT technique, hair follicles are extracted as linear strips. Both methods may need to be used in certain situations. However, it is correct to say that FUE technique is a more comfortable method.

  • What Should I Do After Eyebrows Transplant?

Your eyebrows should not contact with water during the time that your doctor will tell you after the eyebrows transplantation. You should pay attention to hygiene criteria and avoid materials that contain chemicals at risk of infection, especially when applying make-up. After eyebrows transplant, you should not color / dye your eyebrows for a certain time.