Several factors may vary with hair transplantation. Factors that occur after hair transplantation are numbness in the scalp. In general, with the effect of medications given to the scalp, some swelling may occur after hair transplantation, as well as you may feel headaches from time to time. So, how does the swelling, pain, and numbness that occur after the hair transplant process go away? Let’s examine the answer to that question.

What Would It Be Hair Transplantation After Swelling?

For the first 2-3 days after hair transplantation, swelling occurs in the forehead area and around the eyes. This is caused by the hair process. The rate of swelling may vary depending on the serum given during the hair transplant process and the effect it has left you. Almost every person who has had a hair transplant also has a frightening degree of swelling on the scalp and forehead. The swelling that occurs here will soon pass.

Some measures can be taken to reduce swelling that occurs after hair transplantation. These measures; after performing hair transplantation, it is necessary to rest for 2-3 days, not standing up too much. Do not lean forward until the swelling passes. Consumption of salty, spicy, and acidic beverages should be reduced as much as possible during this period.

A large amount of fluid should be taken into the body, and thus edema contained in swelling should be removed from the body through the urinary tract. You should avoid sports activities that increase blood circulation for at least 1 Week. You can massage the swollen areas slowly with the help of ice. In this way, you can prevent swelling that occurs after hair transplantation and get through this process in a short time.

When Does The Numbness After Hair Transplantation Go Away?

After hair transplantation, numbness will occur on your scalp as a result of the effect of medications and needles that you take. For this reason, there are some elements that you should apply and pay attention to minimize this numbness and get rid of it completely. These; you should lie on your back for 3-4 days after hair transplantation.

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