1– First Month After Hair Transplantation

The first month after hair transplantation involves the healing and self-renewal stages of your scalp. During the first three days, your scalp, which you should not wet in any way and do not touch chemicals, begins to come to its senses after the first washing process. You must support your scalp with vitamins and various nutritional supplements recommended by your doctor during the process of binding the wounds to the skin, gradually dissolving the shells.
The characteristic feature of the first month after hair transplantation is ‘loss’. Shock loss is the rapid shedding of approximately eighty percent of the transplanted grafts from the scalp. During this process, you can see a large number of strands of hair on your pillow, towel, and etc. But it is possible to say that this is quite normal, even necessary for healthy hair development.

2 – 4 Months After Hair Transplantation

The second month after hair transplantation is characterized by your hair entering an unbalanced process of shedding – growing. On the one hand, while shock loss continues, hair grows from your bottoms in places. But they are extremely unstable and far from forming a holistic image. You can also observe the appearance of acne as a textural response in the healing process of your scalp. If acne bothers you, be sure to talk to your doctor.
After hair transplantation, your hair strands that come out in the third and fourth months will be extremely thin. Don’t let this scare you. With the natural process and nutritional supplements, as well as of course a healthy eating routine, your hair will thicken and rumble in a few months. In addition, you do not need to worry about the direction or structure of the exit of your hair, which has just started to come out. Because you can see about three percent of your hair. The image as a whole will destroy your numerous worries.

5-6 Months After Hair Transplantation

The fifth and sixth month after hair transplantation is the period when you start to see hair growth. Your hair grows and gets thicker over time, and the strands that have almost the appearance of hair thicken and begin to look like ‘strands of hair. Your hair during this period is not the ‘last point’ in terms of quantity. Therefore, it is still useful to be patient and consume the necessary supplements. After the sixth month, a very high rate of hair output continues.

7-8 Months After Hair Transplantation

Our specialist doctors are also at your service for all your problems, questions, and problems after hair transplantation. During the seven and eight months after hair transplantation, the vast majority of our patients say that their hair has multiplied well.