We analyzed the failed hair transplant surgery from around the world for you and identified five main causes of patient dissatisfaction from different hair transplant recipients, but we were not satisfied with the results.

What Causes Hair Transplantation to Fail?

The cause of unsuccessful hair transplantation can be explained as follows however may have other causes as well;

Inexperienced Doctor/Technicians

FUE or DHI hair transplant is a rigorous process that requires patience. Mastering this technique takes time, and being a guinea pig is not something desirable for any patient of course.

Inexperienced doctors/technicians may not be able to implant grafts properly. But implanting grafts is one of the most important stages of hair transplantation and plays an important role in the final appearance of hair.

Experienced doctors/technicians know how to use the right donor area for hair transplantation effectively. Inexperienced doctors/technicians tend to make mistakes, such as choosing the wrong donor area, extracting improper grafts, overharvesting of donor area, unbalanced extraction, implanting the grafts with unnatural angels or in low density.

The term” overharvesting” refers to the removal of a large number of hair follicles from the donor site. This condition often causes a very weak and mottled appearance of donor area.

There are also additional donor areas, such as beards and chest hair which is called Body Hair Transplant. “Hair taken from backside oh head alone or with hair taken from other parts of the body gives a natural appearance unless the medical team and surgeon has experience enough for different hair types and operations .” Improper use of hair follicles taken from different donor areas is unacceptable.

Experience in such operations is a very important factor.

Consider this experience when looking for FUE or DHI hair transplantation. Do not risk the hair transplant center becoming a trial and error board. You can evaluate how many years your doctor has experience and patient reviews.

Inadequate Postoperative Care

Taking care of yourself after hair transplantation is just as important as the procedure itself. Your doctor will provide you with instructions and a comprehensive list of information about taking care of your hair after surgery.

Some patients have excessive crusting of the scalp. Scratching and cleaning this area incorrectly can prevent hair follicles from sticking to the implanted area. In some other cases, you may have infection due to poor hygiene.

Follow your doctor’s instructions and recommendations carefully to avoid post-operative problems. It is very important to be in constant contact with your doctor.

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