Did Hair Transplant go wrong?

You decided to get hair transplant done eventually, then you researched the hair transplant, evaluated what you found, and decided to go to the best hair transplant clinic for you.Everything is perfect on the day of the operation, doctors and staff are constantly asking if you have any needs around you and try to make you comfortable. You are very happy that you have chosen the clinic where you performed the hair transplant operation and you think you have made the right decision. Everything is fine and you are looking forward to the time when your hair will start growing again. Finally, when the time has come, you accept the fact that your hair is not what you expected, the implanted hair does not grow and your operation is bad.

This time, our inspiration for the creation of our blog content is our patients who came us to get good result after having unnatural and bad result in another clinic (repair hair tranplants), In this article, we will explain the reasons and facts behind the failure of hair transplantation.
The reasons for the failure of hair transplant are two-sided factors.

Individual mistakes of hair transplant patients

1. Post-operative care
2. Excessive smoking
3. Disordered Eating habits
4. Failure to follow instructions

Mistakes of Clinics

1. Unnatural front hair line and wrong planning
2. Failure to do a homogeneous work on the donor area and causing damage (Harvesting from only a particilar area or overharvesting)
3. Damaging the recipient area
4. Damaging the graft tissue during implanting
5. Not preserving the implanted grafts under suitable conditions
6. Lack of experience of the medical team who perform the operation
7. Not meeting the minimum requirements for hair transplantation

Individual mistakes of hair transplantation patients

Post-operative care

Hair transplant is a surgical aesthetic operation. That’s why you should take care of the area very well. People usually think that everything returns to normal when the surgical area is partially healed in the first few weeks and starts to disrupt their care. The possibility of any disruption in this care process (usually the first 3 months) reduces the chance of a success of hair transplant.

Excessive smoking

Excessive smoking creates a direct negative effect on the newly transplanted areas after hair transplantation. It is recommended not to smoke especially in the first months.

Disordered Eating habits

Not only grafts but also whole body are affected as a result of irregular eating behaviours. We should regulate our eating and drinking habits to show a faster and healthier recovery in the operated area after hair transplant. We should also pay attention to water consumption especially during this period.

Failure to follow instructions

Hair transplant centers organize the instructions you should pay attention to and follow up before and after the operation in such a way that thinking of all the hair transplant stages and getting the best result of the operation. You may directly affect the result and quality of your hair transplant if you don’t follow these guidelines.

Mistakes of Clinics

Front Hair Line

Hair transplantation is a very important aesthetic intervention. One of the biggest priorities in hair transplantation is to provide a natural appearance. If the front hair line does not fit the facial structure the result wouldn’t be natural and that makes the person feel aesthetically uncomfortable.
Damaging Donor Area
Extraction is very important in hair transplant . In a good reception, it is aimed 7-10 days for recovery time and leaving no scar. Serious scars and disproportionate sparseness may occur in non-homogeneous procedures and in cases where the skin is damaged.

Damaging recipent area

The information given in “Damaging donor area” is valid for damaging recipent area. Medical team staff who are expert and highly experienced, pay attention to many important factors such as not to extract grafts which are too close to each other, not to use of unsuitable materials, the structure of the scalp, not to make the incisions irregularly and destructively. These factors are directly related to whether the area is damaged or not.

Damaging the graft tissue during implanting

The graft tissue can be damaged if not stored at appropriate solutions and temperatures. Graft tissue should be treated sensitively during the extraction and implantation stages, otherwise it will be damaged.


The ability to perform surgical intervention, the use of technological tools, as well as experience are very important in hair transplantation procedures. Techniques and methods to be used according to the conditions that vary from person to person, for example, the structure of the scalp, are not only competence and technology but also a factor that requires experience.

Minimum features required for hair transplant operation

The characteristics and quality of the tools used, the hospital environment or similar quality operation rooms, the competence of the team that can perform the surgical operation, and the failure to meet the conditions required to perform similar aesthetic operation reduces the quality of the hair transplant operation and directly affects the result.

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